A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is completely submerged in earth’s dark, inner shadow, called the umbra. The only way the moon can be covered by the earth’s darkest shadow is when the sun is opposite the moon with the earth in between. Hence, A FULL MOON!

So, a complete lunar eclipse is a full moon entirely passing in the earth’s shadow.

The sun is going to be at 11.37 degrees Aquarius and the moon at 11.37 degrees Leo? This lunar eclipse will happen in Leo, where the SOLAR ECLIPSE last year was. What house does Leo rule?  Please put in the comments.

These two eclipses are linked. This is a time to think about  ONE BIG THING you want to focus on.

Leo rules the self image, courage, healthy self image, loyalty, heart-felt love, the “ME”.  Aquarius rules the “WE”, helping society, friendship, and philanthropy, radical ideas, the future.

What is out of balance between “me” and “we” ?

What change are you going to make?

-Do you need to focus on your needs right now so you can be a hero to society later?
-What are you doing to help society?
-Do you know your soul’s purpose? There are markers in you astrological chart.
-Who needs more heart-felt love and courage?
-Who needs your loyalty?
-What friendship have you outgrown?
-Are you meant to start a non-profit at summer point in your life?
-What cause can you donate your time or money to?


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