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Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be a full moon at 11.22 Virgo at 4:51 pm PST.

If you were to LOOK DOWN ON THE SOLAR SYSTEM you would see the sun, the earth, and the moon directly behind one another in a straight line. When planets (or in this case a star and a moon) oppose each other, their energies are directed 180 degrees towards the earth, and one of two things can happen: either you can blend the energies, or the energies blow up when they meet. Don’t forget that the moon controls the oceans and bodies are made of up water so a full moon wields power!

Full moons can mean stress. Anything that happens around them are fated. Full moons signify an ending and there is no going back. This could manifest as something little or big in your life. How strongly the moon affects you depends on your natal chart, your growth (or progressed) chart, and the other planetary transits.

VIRGO IS A MUTABLE EARTH SIGN. Virgos have an incredibly analytical mind. They hone in on the details and try to wrap them up in a nice package. The archetype of Virgo also rules service to others, health, and the day-to-day routine of our work or our day.

PISCES IS A MUTABLE WATER SIGN. Pisces are dreamers. A Pisces has an incredible view of the world as they can see the oneness of the universe and have a link to the other world. The more enlightened Pisces can make incredible healers, mediums, and spiritual beings. Pisces is the higher octave of Venus and rules anything that talks to the soul: art, music, dance, and spirituality. In lower vibrations Pisces can ignore the pain of the world and escape into ways that hurt themselves.


Also, happening right after the full moon Mercury, the mind, currently in Pisces, will square Mars, the courageous warrior. There is also tension here today.

Take care over the next 4-5 days to not let the universal energetic stress get to you.

Maybe cancel something, go to bed early, go in late, and just don’t rush. If something happens, even though you don’t know why, it is fated by the universe. You may not know why but accept it is in your best interest.