Are you born from 1983 to 1995?

Pluto in Scorpio wields a goddess-like soul of destruction and creation that no other planet transiting this sign can. The element Plutonium was named after the planet Pluto, following uranium and neptunium, named after Uranus and Neptune. Plutonium is a radioactive element that is used to create nuclear weapons. During a nuclear explosion, the nucleus of a plutonium atom is split triggering a chain reaction and explosion. This is what Pluto does. It eviscerates matter. Atomic reactions are what the universe uses to destroy and create itself. This is Pluto’s job and we all have Pluto in our chart, and yours is in Scorpio.

As with all planets, we correlate them to certain characteristics also found in an astrology sign and we call that planet the sign’s ruler. When Pluto transits Scorpio it is said to be in its rulership. Pluto functions exceptionally well because the energy given off by the stars in the Scorpio constellation. Pluto in Scorpio’s job is to create atomic reactions so a new universe can create itself. But how does Pluto in Scorpio do this on earth? The answer is that you hold on to something so tight and never let go no matter what happens until it is come to its completion or destruction. Pluto was in Scorpio roughly between November 1983 and November 1995 (exact dates are above) so if you were born then, then you are part of an entire generation of Phoenixes. There are many “animals” associated, with Scorpio – snake, scorpion, eagle and the Phoenix. Depending on where you are in the growth cycle you can be associate yourself with a different profile. Your soul may resonate with the snake who senses danger, the scorpion who creates a response to danger, the eagle who mixes in intellect to only strike when needed, and the phoenix which blends in love to self-destructs when the time is right. The Pluto in Scorpio goal is not to self-destruct but to destroy something that no longer belongs. You need to use this Plutonium power to cause a nuclear explosion hen the time is right. You are both goddess and god. You decide when and how to use this power. What type of new universe you are seeking to create has to do with which house Pluto resides in.

Scorpio is all about subjects that are taboo: sex (not relationships), intimacy, death, taxes, and other people’s money. Scorpio is all about talking about subjects that are uncomfortable. Scorpio rules the psyche and unconscious. Scorpios suns don’t like above the surface, they live below the surface, being able to delve into life a way others can’t. They are simmering cauldron of life below their exterior but are secretive and careful about what they let others see. They like to know other’s secrets but don’t like to share their own. Now, adding Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio into this mix, makes your ability to dive deeper, be more secretive, and deal with taboo subjects, even more profound. Since this is a generational placement, it is more important to look at the house to see where you can wield these amazing powers.

Where and how your Pluto in Scorpio is directed depends on which house it resides in, where the other planets, and the aspects they construct in your natal chart. The Pluto in Scorpio generation wants a level of intimacy that other generations may not seek. Again, this intimacy is directed to the house where your Pluto resides. Pluto in Scorpios have a deep-seated need for a genuine connection that involves truth in all matters including sharing the part of yourself that you may feel shameful about. You will want others to come clean and not take the easy road because that is where the gold is mined.

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