When Mercury is in Leo, a fire sign, ideas come quick.  The lioness roars what’s on her warm-hearted mind.  She’s the queen and don’t you forget it!   Because Mercury is involved, she thinks she’s the queen.  And will tell you she’s the queen, and you know what?  She is.  In fact, we are all queens, and Mercury-in-Leo’s gift is to tell us that, read poems of why that is, write about her fiefdom, and most important use her dexterous Mercurial mind to communicate it from the rooftops.  Long live the queen she chants over and over! 

When Mercury is in Leo there is a fiery spark lurking in the mind behind the fixity her mental nature.  Ideas are born in a flash then fade as she decides on a moment’s notice whether to say or not.  Leo is a stalwart sign, so while her mind is churning there is another energy making sure that her ideas don’t cause her or others to change course quickly unless she’s sure it’s going to stick.  Mercury-in-Leo may take a little longer to process and think through scenarios.  She may find that when she’s hit with a new mental scheme where you ask her to quickly reorganize how things are done, she will need time to process it.  While the fiery quickness makes her thoughts race, but it takes time for them to seep in, so all parts of the picture or process are seen before she decides.  She isn’t apt to make quick decisions unless she let the fun fiery part of her just let go. 

Mercury uses the Leo’s showmanship to say or write with style.  Her tone of communication is more fun and erratic.  It can be party-like.  I haven’t met a fire sign yet that doesn’t like to party, and Mercury wants in on the action too.  That’s why Mercury-in-Leo is more also playful and can be funny.   She is a verbally dexterous showman that can command attention captivating her audience.   She can speak in an authoritative manner using their charm and wit straight from her core.  She can use her words to make you feel that you are the center of her attention and she can shower you with compliments and cat-like affections.  Her mental creativity can sometimes leave you off-kilter and curious.  What other ideas does she have packed away up there? 

And, Mercury’s communication style becomes more self-assured in Leo.  “Step up to the plate mentally and verbally”, Leo says.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  She’s the queen after all and wants you assimilate this skill during a transit.   

Mercury uses the Leo’s courage to say what’s on her mind and that is important to her mental health.  In fact, we all should be using this courage when Mercury transits through the Leo constellation.   Having the courage to say what’s on your mind isn’t easy, but it becomes easier when during this time.   

Use Mercury in Leo’s energy to spread tenderness with your communications.  During this transit, your thought pattern will find a groove of heartfelt love and you can more easily express it than others.  The lower vibration of this pattern is that words and thoughts are so bright and big that there is a tendency to make it more about what you are thinking more than others.  There is a difference when Leo energy is used for clear acknowledgment and celebration of the ego rather than an insecure need to be the center of attention to make up for other deficiencies.   Sometimes the queen’s words don’t match up to her inner core, but give her time because, like the rest of us, she’s working on that.  But when the match is aligned, her mind shines bright like a diamond (Rihanna shout out)!

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