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The theme of the new moon at 26.54 degrees Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16, at 6:18 pm PST is POWER!

The key to HARNESSING this power is to realistic think about what you want to do with it and MAKE A LIST of how you are going to get there.  THEN be RESPONSIBLE and work on the list.  DO THE WORK.  Do it systematically and don’t slack off – at least for about 2 weeks until the full moon in Leo.  There is a cycle from new moon to full moon and back again.

There are eight planets (not counting the earth and counting Pluto) plus the moon and the sun.  So that’s ten heavenly bodies in the heavens and of those ten heavenly bodies SIX of them are in Capricorn: Venus, the sun and moon at the exact same degree, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn on the day of the new moon.

When you have that much energy coming from the same constellation directed at the earth something wonderful happens; the energy mixes into one big stream and becomes powerful.

Which house is Capricorn in?  That is the where the power will be felt. This new moon will square Uranus in Aries so unexpected turns might try to deter you to fulfilling your new moon intention but don’t let them!

The new moon is time to make new intentions.

Capricorn New Moon Intentions:

*I am wielding this power towards my career.  Write a list of what you can do to make your work life better?
*I am wielding this power towards finding out what my soul’s mission is here on earth.  Brainstorm
*I am wielding this power towards improving my relationships.  Write down each person’s name and make a list of what you can do to make things better.
*I am wielding this power to improve my health.  Make a list of what you are going to do.