Venus loves to express her divine femininity even more as she gently travels through the moon’s home reservoir of stars in Cancer.  Both Venus (Taurus) and the moon (Cancer) are different expressions of femininity.  Venus rules love, possessions, beauty, art, earned income, and is the divine feminine, and when she transits in Cancer, she takes on an emotional quality.  Venus enjoys beautiful surroundings, home-grown food, and a comfy bed.   Cancer likes these things too but gives them to you because she really loves you, she wants you to feel the comfort of Venus through the lens of a mother, not a lover.  She is the ultimate caretaker and mother goddess in one. 

When Venus in Cancer she takes charge making sure you have a fresh haircut, are well perfumed, and your outfit makes you feel yourself.  She doesn’t want you walking out the door not looking your best.  She’ll make sure to remind you about your dentist appointment because she wants you to be happy with a nice white smile.  Venus-in-Cancer will go the extra mile to make sure you have a towel and bathrobe waiting on the bed if you are a guest in her home.  Her bathroom will be a genuine spa space with lotions and potions.  It doesn’t matter if she has money, she gives what she has, and she does it because it makes her feel cheerful.   

While this transit is happening or if you have Venus in Cancer in your natal chart, make sure you don’t take this too far and give too much. The lower vibration of this energy is too much self-sacrifice and martyrdom.  Always, always, make sure there is an equal energy exchange for the goodies of love and contentment you provide.  It’s a gift and not everyone can have it. 

This is an ideal match to express the arts of the home, namely cooking, decorating, feng shui and gardening.  Venus in Cancer wants you to have the “perfect” home – an energy that is pleasing, charming, and artistic.  She wants her house regularly saged and clean, comforting, and an oasis to alleviate the aches and pains of the day.   You better believe she likes to cook, and if for some reason she doesn’t, then it’s a must that she likes to eat good food.   

Now is a great time to start a new project to decorate your space.  Maybe it is your home, but maybe it’s where you feel at home.  If Venus was retrograde in Cancer, she would want to redecorate but nonetheless, it’s a good time start something new to make your house a home.   Cancer is a cardinal energy, so it helps get you off the couch.    

Venus also rules Libra, so when in Cancer, she shows off her a pleasant and affable exterior.   The charms and graces of Venus can be felt in your relationships.  If you’re her partner, she wants to bond with you and cuddle – spend time in the bedroom snuggling and reading together, or maybe read to her out loud.   This a time when you may feel more sensitive about your relationships, all of them, not just a partner.  It’s easier to get your feelings hurt because it’s the moon’s sign after all.  You may feel the need to pull away from relationships right now.  It might be better for you to be a hermit crab unless you have someone who is truly interested in your well-being.    The best part of this transit or having this in your natal chart is the profound vulnerability that will reign.  If there is trust, then there is a quiet intimacy.  An intimacy that you may have felt with an emotional caretake who is important to you. 

Venus-in-Cancer is a good lover so don’t take her for granted because if you do, she’ll pull away.  If you spend time with her first and don’t just jump right in there but take time to please her then she’ll have you back.   She’s not red hot in the sack like a Venus in Leo or Venus in Aries, but she’ll take make sure you are satisfied.  If she’s the kinky type, she’s a good sub or can roleplay being your mom, or maybe she just likes to make sure all your sensual and sexual needs are fulfilled.  Again, just don’t take more than you can give, or she will grow to resent you, pulling back and unless she has a well-placed Mercury may not even tell you why.   

You will feel cautious about socializing, even on Zoom, and you probably won’t want to go out with your friends as much, when Venus moves into Leo this will change.  It might even feel more comfortable to stay home since that’s what we are asked to be doing now anyway.    

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” – Le Corbusier 

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