Whatever houses they are in represent is where the solar and lunar eclipses continue in your natal chart.
Do you happen to remember that there was a Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) Thursday, Feb 15, at 1:05 pm PST at 27.07 degrees Aquarius?
Well, there is a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) Friday, July 27, at 1:20 pm PST at 4.44 degrees Aquarius.
The big solar eclipse across the US last year was in Leo.
Then we had the lunar eclipse (full moon) in Aquarius in Feb and will have another Partial Solar Eclipse (new moon) on Aug 11 (18.42 degrees Leo). 

Eclipses bring change. 

Especially lunar eclipses because they are full moons.
It’s the kind of change you can’t reverse.
Don’t worry though.
Remember the universe is conspiring in your favor even if you don’t understand why.
Everyone’s chart is different so as to how strongly these eclipses affect you depend on your own chart. 
Another reason not to panic. 

Here’s some things you should know about this eclipse on Friday: 

  1. The eclipse is very near the lunar nodal axis which means it will shine light on your karmic inheritance from yourself and your ancestral line, and at the same time, will touch on something you are needed to do why you are here on earth.  The karmic inheritance part will happen in the house that contains 4.44 degrees Aquarius and other part will be at 4.44 Leo in your natal chart.

  2. The lunar eclipse will square, making a complete T-square, with Uranus in Taurus.  This energy is tension-filled and is forcing change.  Honestly, sometimes you need a push.  

  3. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, and Neptune will all be retrograde during this lunar eclipse asking you to slow down.  Really try to go to bed early.  Sleep is the best medicine for change.  

  4. Chiron the healer planet is a favorable aspect so the lunar eclipse so use that healing salve coming from your Aries house. 

What is a lunar eclipse? 

The sun illuminates the earth and causes a shadow behind it.
A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes behind the earth into the shadow.
In order for this to happen, the sun, earth, and moon have to be in perfect alignment.  
The sun is on one side of the earth and the moon on the other.  
On Friday, the sun will be at 4.44 Leo and the moon will be at 4.44 Aquarius. 

444 is an angel number. 

“If you see this Angel Number, it means that that help is on its way to you. Your Angels have heard your prayers and are going to help to guide you on the right path. Know that you are not alone; the Angel are always here to support you.”