Why is this a powerful full moon?


For 3 reasons.  Number 1 — This Capricorn full moon is part of a 6-month cycle and the upcoming Capricorn new moon on January 5, 2019 will be a partial solar eclipse so this moon cycle is getting intense.  Number 2 – There is an interesting connection with Mars at this full and upcoming Capricorn new moon partial solar eclipse.  Number 3 – Saturn will be less than a degree away from the moon.

First, some background.  The moon doesn’t like to be in Capricorn.  And she doesn’t like it when the sun is in Cancer with the earth in the middle opposing her.  And she certainly doesn’t like it when Saturn is so near her.  On the other hand, she doesn’t mind Mars.  Mars doesn’t really care whether she likes him or not.  He does his own thing and Mars’s energy is thick for this full moon and the upcoming new moon partial solar eclipse.  Mars is stationing retrograde today, 6/26, 2 days before the full moon.  Mars will ingress into Aries on January 2, 3 days before the new moon partial solar eclipse in January 2019.

What house is Capricorn for you?  That house(s) still has Pluto and Saturn along with this new moon partial solar eclipse coming.


If you were to LOOK DOWN ON THE SOLAR SYSTEM you would see the sun, the earth, and the moon directly behind one another in a straight line. When planets (or in this case a star and a moon) oppose each other, their energies are directed 180 degrees towards the earth, and one of two things can happen: either you can blend the energies, or the energies blow up when they meet. Don’t forget that the moon controls the oceans and bodies are made of up water so a full moon wields power!

Full moons can mean stress. Anything that happens around them are fated. Full moons signify an ending and there is no going back. This could manifest as something little or big in your life. How strongly the moon affects you depends on your natal chart, your growth (or progressed) chart, and the planetary transits.

A full moon is in effect for days before and days after. In fact, there is a cycle between full moons and new moons approximately every 2 weeks, but there is also another cycle between full moons and new moons that last about 6 months. The last part of this cycle was the new moon in Capricorn, January 16, 2018, the next part of this cycle WILL BE THE PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 at 15.24 DEGREES CAPRICORN. Was there anything that happened around last year’s full moon? Try to think back and see if that is being repeated this week or next.

What does a full moon in Capricorn mean?

In astrology, Cancer and Capricorn are opposites on the wheel. The 10th house of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. If you don’t use the Whole or Equal Sign house structure, most often the MC, or the highest point in the chart, begins the 10th house. If you have your MC in your 10th house then it shows how society views you. This can be your work, or school, and it also represents your legacy and reputation. Since it is ruled by Saturn this shows where you can put structure into place in order to keep a job. It shows how you might act at work and how your colleagues view you. Saturn is restriction so this is the house where you restrict yourself so you can get your job done. On the other hand, if you work smart and hard, Saturn rewards you for your hard work. Capricorn EMPOWERS others instead of playing the role of a care taker. Cancer, on the other hand, is the CARE-TAKER and the mother. The 4th house of Cancer is ruled by the moon. The 4th house is where your IC, which stands for a Latin for “bottom of the sky”. The 4th house is lowest point in your chart relative to the horizon where you were born at that day and time. It represents your emotions first and foremost. Your emotions are filtered through whatever sign rules your 4th house, and this is the same for the sign of your moon. The 4th house also rules your family of origin, your own family, your ancestral family, your house, where you feel at home, and how you like to take care of people. The 4th house and your moon sign show you how you relate to your emotions.

The sun will be in Cancer and the moon in Capricorn. Both energies have to be integrated into the self in order that they function optimally. THIS IS WHERE THE STRUGGLE LIES – HOW CAN YOU EMOTIONALY CARE FOR YOURSELF AND EMPOWER YOURSELF AT THE SAME TIME?


Since the next part of the moon cycle in the house(s) that rules Capricorn is a new moon partial solar eclipse, that means that whatever is ending over the next 6 months will have a new chapter starting then, and that new beginning will start be something big since it’s an eclipse is involved.

If you are Mars-ruled then the energy right now is so intense! Mars is stationing retrograde and the masculine anger possibly stemming from unrequited action or circumstances is difficult. This intense energy is mixing with the moon.

Saturn is also putting the squeeze on the lovely moon too. I think sometimes this is too much for her. But in fact, it can be too much for us. Meditation is one of the main keys. The more you can get distance from yourself the better.

Lastly, Mars will ingress into its ruler, Aries, days before the new moon partial solar eclipse in January 2019. Mars is pivotal in this full moon and will be again in the Capricorn new moon partial solar eclipse. If you would like me to interpret how this affects YOU, please visit my website below.

Remember, meditation!

-Amy Domres
I am a psychic who helps women discover themselves through astrology and soul work.