These past 2-3 weeks have been energetically challenging for some people. Chiron changed signs into Aries, Saturn went into retrograde, and in the last 24 hours Venus went into Gemini, AND heavy-hitting Pluto went retrograde. To top that off, Mars is conjunct Pluto (R) very soon.

What does it mean when 2 planets are conjunct?

In astrology, planets that are 0-6 degrees apart, for the most astrologers are considered conjunct. Now, different astrologers think have different ranges, but usually if you are dealing with a luminary, the sun or the moon, most astrologers agree you can push it to a 10-degree orb. Now, if you have 2 SUPER strong, well-placed planets in your chart and they are not luminaries, and they are 11 degrees away, I will consider that a conjunction. It technically isn’t, and it isn’t as powerful as others, but I use my intuition, psychic skills, and also base it off of people’s memories and experiences.

The closer the conjunction you have in your chart, the more powerful. And when a conjunction is EXACT to the degree and minute, the 2 energies become unrecognizable.

If you were to look down on the solar system today you would see the earth, Mars, and Pluto in an exactly straight line. Both planets, from our point of view on earth, are at the exact same degree in Capricorn. The other planets are maybe to the left, others to the right or in front of us, but MARS AND PLUTO are exactly in a straight line. That is a conjunction.

The energies or frequencies from Mars and Pluto meld together into one source as they mix with the earth’s energy.

What does that mean? WELL, TENSION!

Any exact conjunction does bring tension, but these 2 powerhouses BRING it. Mars, the courageous warrior — taking action, getting mad, and pushing through change with Pluto, the secretive powerful force that is controlling and deathly.


As always, for some relief, try to meditate, if only for 5 minutes, everyday. It’s the only way to truly find relief from the pressure of life.

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer
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