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Pluto will be in retrograde until September 30 and won’t be up to full speed, from our perspective here on earth, until JANUARY 21, 2019. That is some long retrograde! And do you know why?

Well, it has to do with the speed of Pluto and the speed of the earth. Pluto takes 284 YEARS to go around the sun and because its speed is slow compared to earth, it looks like it’s going backwards for a long time.

There are cycles to a retrograde: 1. The planet appears to look like it is slowing down, or entering the retrograde zone, 2. the planet appears to stop, which astrologers call “stationing”, 3. the planet is moving backwards or retrograde, 4. the planet again appears to stop, 5. the planet looks like it is is moving forward but it does so at a slow pace, and finally, 6. the planet is back to full speed.

Pluto entered the retrograde zone or #1 in December 2017, it was stationing on Saturday and Sunday, and now it is retrograde. On September 30 the planet will station and move forward, #4, then it will be back to its full speed January 21, 2019.

Because Pluto moves slower than the other planets, its retrograde periods are long in comparison. Therefore, there is a good chance you were born with Pluto in retrograde. Some astrologers have mentioned that up to 40% of people have it retrograde.

What does that mean?

Well, before we get into retrograde let’s get into Pluto and the sign it rules, Scorpio. Most of the time, Plutonians can be all-or-nothing. They have an incredible ability to hold on to someone, to some idea, to something that they want, to its ultimate fulfillment or demise. That’s why the Phoenix is associated with Pluto. It’s all about wanting a certain outcome and wanting to control that outcome.

When that intense powerful energy is turned inward during a retrograde things get off track. You are unable to use your power and sense of wanting to control things like were before. There’s a bigger chance that something will blow up in your face, but because Pluto is an evolutionary planet, the universe is doing this to you so you can learn. On the other hand, if you felt like you lacked control or didn’t know how to channel your internal power regarding an issue now is the time to find that, wait until after September 30, and use it to your highest good.

Where this struggle is happening depends on what house Capricorn rules in your chart.

In order to stay grounded, meditate, meditate, meditate. It’s the only medicine I’ve ever found that works.

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer
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