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If your natal lunar nodes are Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius, batten down the hatches.

If you don’t know where your nodes are then post a copy of your chart without the information at the top, your name, birthplace, etc., and I’ll let you know where they are.

Why batten down the hatches? Well, the north node’s ruler, the Sun, is squaring the north and south nodes during this full moon, make a FIXED GRAND CROSS! This only will really affect you if you have your natal lunar nodes in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius.

Now, before you get too upset, realize that any changes happening around the full moon will take some time. Because all 4 of the signs are fixed, you won’t see the changes right away, rather they will be slow to come about. And, as always, depending on your whole chart, you may or may not be hit too hard.

Whenever the planet ruling one of the nodes is in a square, T-square, or grand cross position to it, then there is tension that must be released in order for growth to appear, which I guess is the case in most instances, but this full moon will push on you, but then again, all full moons push on you, for an ending to something or a beginning to something depending upon how you look at it.


If you were to LOOK DOWN ON THE SOLAR SYSTEM you would see the sun, the earth, and the moon directly behind one another in a straight line. When planets (or in this case a star and a moon) oppose each other, their energies are directed 180 degrees towards the earth, and one of two things can happen: either you can blend the energies, or the energies blow up when they meet. Don’t forget that the moon controls the oceans and bodies are made of up water so a full moon wields power!
Full moons can mean stress. Anything that happens around them are fated. Full moons signify an ending and there is no going back. This could manifest as something little or big in your life. How strongly the moon affects you depends on your natal chart, your growth (or progressed) chart, and the other planetary transits.

A full moon is in effect for days before and days after. In fact, there is a cycle between full moons and new moons approximately every 2 weeks, but there is also another cycle between full moons and new moons that last about 6 months. The last part of this cycle was the new moon in Scorpio, November 18, 2017, the next part of this cycle is the SUNDAY, APRIL 29, at 5:58 PST at 9.38 DEGREES SCORPIO. Was there anything that happened around last year’s full moon? Try to think back and see if that is being repeated this week or next. The following part of the cycle will be the new moon in Scorpio on NOVEMBER 7, 2018.

What does a full moon in Scorpio mean?

In astrology, Taurus and Scorpio are opposites on the wheel. Taurus is the child that is excited when something smells good, or feels good on their skin, when they hear something that moves then, or they taste something they like. Taurus rules the senses. Anything that has to do with our possessions, and they don’t have to be expensive ones, just the possessions we like to have around us, and Taurus rules how you earn your income. This is different from Scorpio that rules money that is given to you by gift, or taxes, or child support, or inheritance. Scorpio rules money that you can’t you can’t give to yourself, rather someone else has to decide that you get it. If Taurus is all about the senses then Scorpio is all about what you can’t see, deep psychic feelings and emotions. Scorpio is the lord of the underworld ruling death, and other uncomfortable subjects in our society, intimacy and sex, not to be confused with relationships.

The sun will be in Taurus and the moon in Scorpio. Both energies have to be integrated into the self in order that they function optimally. This is where the struggle lies – holding space to be live life through your senses and what goes beyond your senses.

What are some techniques you use to do try to maintain this? Comment below to help us all out!

Full moons are a perfect time to plant a seed. In fact, if you plant a seed now, you can wait and see what it brings near November during the Scorpio new moon.

Work over the next 6 months to bring it to life.

Here are some of the Scorpio intentions you could use:
*I am going to listen to music I and think about my own death.
*I am going to tell the truth, no white lies, for a week and see what happens.
*I am going to do some soul retrieval or shamanistic work.
*I am going to use mediation to think about my relationship with money. Money is an energy exchange so why do I have issues asking for more money at my job, or loaning others money, or borrowing money?
*How can I have more intimacy with my relationships?

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer
Feel Useful and Joyful Living Your Soul Mission + Work