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How can we balance our needs a relationships needs?  I versus us.
Happy Full Moon in Libra!

Do you have any planets from 8-12 degrees in your chart?  If so they may be making an aspect to the full moon.  Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to interpret it for you.

If you were to LOOK DOWN ON THE SOLAR SYSTEM you would see the sun, the earth, and the moon directly behind one another in a straight line.  When planets (or in this case a star and a moon) oppose each other, their energies are directed 180 degrees towards the earth, and one of two things can happen: either you can blend the energies, or the energies blow up when they meet.   Don’t forget that the moon controls the oceans and bodies are made of up water so a full moon wields power!

Full moons can mean stress.   Anything that happens around them are fated.  Full moons signify an ending and there is no going back.  This could manifest as something little or big in your life.  How strongly the moon affects you depends on your natal chart, your growth (or progressed) chart, and the other planetary transits.

A full moon is in effect for days before and days after.  In fact, there is a cycle between full moons and new moons approximately every 2 weeks, but there is also another cycle between full moons and new moons that last about 6 months.  The new moon in Libra is going to be on October 8, 2018 at 17.48 degrees.  The full moon on Saturday, March 31, will be at 5:37 am PST at 10.45 Libra.

What does a full moon in Libra mean?

In astrology, Aries and Libra are opposites on the wheel.  Aries is the infant, me, me, me, and Libra really wants harmony, us, us, us.  Aries doesn’t always pay attention to the needs of others and often upsets them. They want their way.  Sometimes Aries can’t see.  On the other hand, Libras can see, and they will smooth things over but often at their own expense.  Libra sometimes misses putting in their needs and Aries always puts in their needs forsaking others.  So, there must be a balance in this opposition.

This full moon the sun is in Aries and the moon in Libra.  Both energies have to be integrated into the self in order that they function optimally.  This is where the struggle lies – holding space to be yourself and be in any relationship.  What are some techniques you use to do try to maintain this?  Comment below to help us all out!

Full moons are a perfect time to plant a seed.  In fact, if you plant a seed now, you can wait and see what it brings near October for the Libra full moon.  When I say plant a seed, I mean think about how you and us, especially the “us”, and since we are focused on moon cycles today, make an intention and then do it!  Work over the next 6 months to bring it to life.

Here are some of the Libra intentions you could use:

*I am going to find time for myself and any relationship by doing these things….
*We need to spend more time hanging out so we are going to….
*I need have more time for myself to have a healthier relationship so I am…..
*Sometimes, for the sake of harmony, I don’t put in my needs.  I’m going to use the diplomatic skills I have to put myself in the equation when it comes to disagreements on….
*I am going to make an effort to be more attractive to my partner by….
*My relationship with X is having issues, do I want to save it or work on it?

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer