Virgo, Virgo-Moon, The-Moon-in-Virgo, The-Moon-in-the-signs

The moon in Virgo teaches you to be emotionally thoughtful so you can genuinely help others.

Where is the Virgo in your chart?  What house is it in? Let me know and I’ll help you interpret it.

The gentle motherly moon is in the sign of Virgo.  Virgo is an earth sign that sometimes can be confusing because it is ruled by Mercury, normally associated with air.  The other sign ruled by Mercury is Gemini.  Mercury is filtered through masculine energy when in Gemini and feminine energy when in Virgo.

Mercury functions differently in Virgo.  Instead of being chatty, collecting and being curious about information in order to communicate from within, Mercury rather quietly analyzes all that is going on around her.  She attempts to analyze and organize the information in such a way that it is useful.  Virgos do have to watch out that they don’t constantly stay in the analyzing process when they get a new piece of information, therefore not taking action.

When you have the sensitive leadership of the mother moon mixed with this feminine earth energy of Mercury the moon that is slightly less emotional.  As the moon changes sign it takes on the energy of filtering your emotions through an organized mind.  During this time you have some distance between your feelings, emotions, and your reactions.

When the sun is in Virgo it is the time of the harvest.  Many pictures of Virgo show her with wheat or bounty.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget that Virgo is the sign of service to others.  When the moon and Virgo’s Mercury meld together it is a perfect mix of being emotionally thoughtful and using it to serve the greatest good by helping others.

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer