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Have you had a Chiron return? If so, what happened? I would love to know! Mine is coming up in May and September, 2019, because Chiron will retrograde. Do you happen to have Chiron in retrograde? That would be really interesting to explore.

Currently, Chiron is at 26.2 degrees Pisces. If you have your natal Chiron in Pisces then have had or are having your Chiron Return.  A “Return” in astrology is when a planet comes back to the exact place it was when you were born. For example, the sun returning to the same place each year on your birthday is a Solar Return. The moon moves back to the place it was when you were born each month for a “Lunar Return”.

Chiron has an atypical orbit around the sun because of the gravitational pull of Saturn and Uranus. Chiron orbits between those 2 planets. It takes 29 years for Saturn to orbit the sun, approximately 50 years for Chiron to orbit the sun, and 84 years for Uranus to complete a full rotation.


Chiron is from Greek Mythology. It is a satyr that is half human, including its front legs, and half horse. The 1/2 and 1/2 is important because Chiron is 1/2 wounds and 1/2 healer.


According to Carmen Di Luccio, “Chiron in our natal chart represents our traumas and social programming that have manifested into negative patterns and blockages that cause the disintegration between mind-body-spirit. For the most part, it rules the deep rooted trauma and programming that we accumulate as a child during the first 7 years, but could also be from later in life.” (the link to this article is below).

Now, the question is how have you been able to heal these wounds over your lifetime? Have you been able to bring the dark parts out into the light and find peace? Are you even aware of your wounds? Have you healed them? THIS IS WHAT WILL BE PUT TO THE TEST DURING YOUR CHIRON RETURN.

Any past wounds that haven’t been integrated into your psyche and soul will be brought up. Having your Chiron is a big opportunity to heal yourself.

It may not be an easy journey, but it happening to push your PERSONAL EVOLUTION IN THIS INCARNATION.   Looking at the moon’s nodes and Pluto transits in the natal chart helps to interpret this and gives you strategies to deal with it. In fact,  you need to see your birth chart in its entirety to interpret a Chiron Return. What house is is in? What sign? What aspects does Chiron make in your natal chart? What transiting planets are making aspects to Chiron, Pluto, and the nodes? Long story short, please think about getting an astrology reading in preparation.

Also, around 59-60 is your 2nd Saturn Return, and around 84 years old is your Uranus Return.  All of these are connected!

Please feel free to email me with questions.

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-Amy Domres