Astrologer-Seattle, Astrology-reading-seattleLet me know if you have you heard of Chiron?  Do you know what sign your Chiron is in? 
Unless you study the heavens you may not have.  Chiron is a dwarf planet.  It takes 50.42 years to orbit the sun which means that you have a Chiron return after your birthday before you turn 51.
A planet that goes back to the same place it was when you were born is called a “Return” in astrology. The sun goes back to the same time you were born every year and that is a “Solar Return”.  The moon goes back each month to the exact sign and degree it was in when you were born and that is a “Lunar Return”.  So, unless you live past 101 then you will only have 1 Chiron Return in your life.
Chiron was founded in 1977 and orbits between Saturn and Uranus. 
The planet was named Chiron after a centaur from Greek mythology.  Chiron was different because his front legs were human but the rest of the bottom half of his body was horse.  He was the wises of the Centaurs.  It’s important to note that he was formed from both human and horse because it shows the duality of his nature.
The planet Chiron is also a duality.  The duality the planet is known for is the wounded healer.  Chiron has the ability to heal but can only truly heal because it has been wounded so badly.  This is true of many healers in our world.  They are able to understand the true depths of suffering so they can relate. 
Chiron is in Pisces, but soon to leave to Aries April 17.  The sun is near Chiron now and will soon make an exact conjunction meaning they will both be at the same degree.
The meeting of these 2 planets is a chance to heal a wound.  The thing is the only way to heal a wound is bring it into the light and work with it through mediation, talking to others, therapy, etc.  Now is good time to do this.