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What sign is your Uranus in?  Post below if it makes any aspects to where Uranus is right now.  I’ll help you decipher it.

The moon is going to soon conjunct Uranus in Aires.

The moon represents is the marker in the chart for the mother or non-dominant parent.  The moon is the protector, the mother, the care-taker.  The moon is ruled by Cancer and Cancer’s symbol is the crab.  The mother has a hard shell to protect herself and her children from harm, but a nice, loving, sensitive interior.  The moon is nostalgic, maybe doesn’t like to get rid of any photos of her children ever.  My mom’s a Cancer and she’s kept all our major projects, awards, and milestones in a box since birth.  As she is cleaning out her house we all got big boxes of memories of our life.  That is the nostalgia.  The is the love of a mother.  Cancer also rules our emotions and because emotions sometimes come from the unconscious and subconscious there is a link there too.

The moon is in the courageous sign of Aries right before the sun moves into Aries tomorrow.  Aries, is the warrior, courage and fiery leadership is the sign of Aries.  Also, impatience and frustration comes with it when Aries doesn’t get her way.

The moon in Aries is asking you to be courageous about your feelings.  Maybe bring up a difficult emotional topic now especially since Mercury, the mind, just happens to be in Aries right now too.


The moon coupling with Uranus is still setting off the Pluto/Uranus square.  They main part of the evolution is over but both planets are still in a tension position, a square aspect, by the signs they are in and loosely by the degrees they are in also.  So, any themes since 2011 may come up.

When Uranus is near the moon then many things can manifest as a result.  Uranus is the planet of shock, surprise, radical ideas, the future, philanthropy, society, friendship, acquaintances, and technology.  These themes mix with the moon’s themes right now will loosely squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

Maybe you’ll have an surprising emotional breakthrough.  Or get a radical idea that you are emotionally moved by.

An exact conjunction means that the 2 planets are at the same degree in the same sign as we look out from earth.

Photo Credit: Archival photograph of Inuit mother and child by H.G. Kaiser, entitled ‘Madonna of the North.’ Dated 1912, Nome, Alaska. Image source: Library of Congress.