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What aspects does your natal Venus make? Post it below and let’s chat. I’d like to hear about it!

Venus is in Aries at 12.3 degrees and it is making a trine, a positive aspect, to the moon’s north node which is currently located in Leo at 12.56. The moon’s nodes actually move in the opposite direction of the planets so as they “orbit” the chart the number gets lower as it goes. So, it will soon be at 12.3 degrees.

First, let’s start with a trine aspect in astrology. A trine means that 2 planet, or a marker, are 120 degrees away from each other in their respective orbits. The moon’s nodes are imaginary coordinates in the sky relative to where we are on earth. If you were living on Mars you would see the moon’s nodes in a different place. In fact, remember that all astrology is from our perspective here on earth. Your astrology chart is earth-centric or terra-centric. If you were to look down on the solar system you would see the sun in the middle, Venus the Aries constellation and the nodes in the Leo constellation in relation to earth. If you were to measure them from earth they would be exactly 120 degrees apart from each other.

A trine is a positive aspect where both planets, or in this case, a planet and the imaginary north node of the moon, are in harmony and both of them stimulate one another to achieve success. Both of their energies are enhanced because then the 2 energies meet they easily combine producing a third energy that is easy and productive.

Venus rules love, possessions, beauty, art, earned income, the divine feminine, and when Venus is in Aries these traits take on a fiery passionate and courageous quality. Since Aries is a cardinal sign, then Venus takes a leadership role while in Aries meaning there could be declarations of love, an increase or decrease in possessions, someone may actively start painting or dancing, or possibly take their love of arts to the next level.

The north node represents the contract your soul made before you incarnated as human. Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Every soul chose their parents and every soul chose their journey and the map of that journey starts with the birth chart, another thing you chose.

The north node being in Leo shows means that your soul’s purpose is to be seen and to be your authentic self. To be able to establish an identity that works with society but doesn’t get lost in it. People with their north node in Leo should look to their creativity and how that can be expressed through their soul’s mission. Creativity about what? Well, that depends on the other factors in the chart. Leo also represents children.

When these 2 are combined we see someone who’s soul’s mission is to express love through art. We see someone who is seen as a leader in the women’s issues, especially having to do with how women are perceived. This can be a creative passionate leader in the woman’s movement. Another way this can be expressed is how woman relate to children. How they can lead children to expressing their gifts.

Today is a good day to look at your feminine side and how you express it through your soul.