The firey Leo moon is the time to express your emotions. Really! It’s going to help our collective consciousness right now.

The moon moved into Leo today joining 4 planets in Aries. Fire, fire, fire. The moon, as you may know, is your emotions and how you process them is partially based on what sign you have your moon in ages what house it resides in?

Do have a Leo moon or any planets in your chart. I don’t. Let me know and I’ll help you interpret them.

The 5th house of Leo rules loyalty, creativity, and chirdren. Leo is a fixed, fire sign. Fixed signs are sometimes stubborn, in fact, more stubborn than other signs. They don’t move quickly like mutable signs, or forge ahead like cardinal signs. They prefer to take their time, be steady, and accomplish something. If you rant to finish a protect, a fixed sign is your best bet.

Because Leo is a fixed sign, it also means they are LOYAL. Leos have your back. It’s always great to have a Leo friend because they are entertaining and loyal.

Leos are ruled but the sun. Depending on their charts, some Leos like the public spotlight more than others, but even if it seems like they don’t want to bed in the public eye, privately, they do like to be appreciated just like everyone else. There difference is they like you to say it. Really, is there anything wrong with that? Love your Leo. ❤️

Since the moon is in Leo, take time to use that fire energy and express your emotions. Now is the time. Please do think about your words first because Mercury is in retrograde. You don’t have to use words though.

-Amy Domres