Mercury, Mercury-retrograde, Mercury-retrograde-aries

Yes! Mercury went into retrograde yesterday evening PST.

Do you have Mercury retrograde in your chart? Comment below if you do and let me know the sign and house and I’ll help you interpret that!

What does Mercury retrograde mean? Well, for starters, the first thing Mercury wanted you to do is to slow down. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and it’s between earth and Venus, so its energy is closer to the earth than other planets and that makes us feel it more.

Mercury is considered a personal planet because it is closer to earth and its movements affect us personally. Remember that Mercury isn’t really going backwards, rather it’s an optional illusion because the earth and Mercury orbit at two different speeds. Often, the analogy of two trains or cars is used to illustrate the effect. Both trains or cars are moving forward at different speeds so it may look like one is moving backwards as one is next to each other. Does this make sense? If not, let meet know in the comments and I’ll try another explanation.

So, because of this orbital phenomenon, the energy requested to the radio antennas that our are body and mind are more affected than normal. It hypes our nervous system and therefore our our minds and how we process information.

That is the main reason we feel more scattered! The energy is more intense.

The energy affects Virgos, Geminis, and people who have Mercury heavily in their chart the most, but it dues affect us all.

Communications and our thoughts aren’t in syc so we are more apt to forget things, not pay attention to the road as much, or feel discombobulated.

Because the retrograde is happening in Aries, the fiery courageous warrior, our courage and ability to take action is affected.

During a retrograde it is time to be more quiet. Things go wrong because we need to calm ourselves, take a break from the stress of life, and go inward.

Focus on rethinking, redoing, reflecting, realigning, rescheduling, reassuring our actions and thoughts!

Now isn’t the to take action. Wait until the stress passed so you have a clear mind.

-Amy Domres