astrology, astrology chart, astrology reading in seattle, astrology chart seattleIn astrology, there is a term called, “detriment”. It refers to a planet that it is in a sign where it doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s like being in someone’s house and the energy feels weird. You don’t get a good vibe and you don’t like hanging out in there. You really can’t be yourself, but you’re still you, just you a little on edge. You might say something you didn’t mean or do something weird. Nothing too bad, it’s just that it’s doesn’t work with you energy.

That is what happens when the moon is in Capricorn. The moon is in her detriment when she is in Capricorn. The moon, remember, is the planet of the mother and Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is the planet of the father, or the more dominant parent in the house. In fact, Cancer, the sign that rules the moon, is opposite Capricorn on the astrology wheel. They have opposite traits. Cancer is emotions and feelings while Capricorns prefers to hold back their emotions and build structures like companies, governments, businesses. Ideally the houses that are ruled by Cancer and Capricorn are in balance in your chart.

Again, the moon isn’t totally comfortable in Capricorn. She prefers to be playing in the Ocean or swimming in the sky. The key to harnessing the power of the moon when it is in Capricorns to try to activate both energies and join them together. Since your emotions may be somewhat blocked talk about something that is painful. Maybe this is a good first step to take to try to get to the bottom of something. This is a great time to channel your emotional energy into your work also.

I would love to hear what house your moon is in? Mine’s the 12th! It’s covered by a fog. ūüôā

-Amy Domres