Astrology Reading Seattle, Horoscope, Horoscopes, Zodiac, JupiterWhat house is Jupiter in for you?
Does you natal Jupiter make any aspects to transiting Jupiter, where Jupiter currently is.

Jupiter currently is in Scorpio.

First, let’s discuss Jupiter in retrograde.  Jupiter rules long distance travel, higher learning, philosophy, religion, moral codes, and belief systems.  When any planet is in retrograde the energies turn inward.  What further defines this energy is what sign the planet is in from our viewpoint on earth.  We see Jupiter to be transiting through Scorpio.

There are 4 animals associated with Scorpio: 1. the snake, 2. the scorpion, 3. the eagle, and 4. the phoenix (not an animal).  Depending on the vibration pattern you are resonating, which is determined by your state of mind and body, you can be operating in the shadow side of the SNAKE, sneaky and predatory, ready to strike and kill.  Or, you can be the SCORPION, who when hurt, retaliates by patiently waiting for the right moment to sting and kill you, or at least cause you considerable pain.  EAGLE Scorpios are wise enough to fly above it all.  In fact, when there is a big storm, eagles wait until the winds increase, and use that propulsion to lift them above the storm.  Lastly, if you are in tune with the universe or if you are NOT in tune with the universe, the PHOENIX arrives.  The Phoenix brings someone to their best self and it does that by destroying you.  Whatever you are holding on to the phoenix pushes you to your limits until you can’t take it anymore and are reborn into another person.

Now that you understand about Scorpio a little more let’s then apply it to Jupiter’s themes.  One theme I’m going to discuss is your moral code and your belief system.  From now until July 10 is a good time to consciously think about what you really believe, ask yourself do you live it, and why.

Jupiter in retrograde in Scorpio wants you to internalize this.

-Amy Domres

Image Credit:  Yayoi Kusama, Phalli’s Field Infinity Mirror Room