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A personalized astrology chart reading takes 5-6 hours of study focusing on the main areas of healing: Chiron and 3 healer asteroids, then developing an interpretation of your baby or child’s soul arc of evolution including the gifts brought in to this incarnation and ancestral or past life karma, followed by home, school, and work interpretations. This information is compiled into a full picture of how to help your child LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE identifying their strengths and areas for development!

 You can learn how to better communicate with your child and what makes them special. There are 8 planets, the sun, and our moon, and there are 12 houses in astrology so every person has areas of their chart that aren’t fully developed.

 I take this responsibility seriously and spend time working with my psychic and intuitive skills to deliver a report that is timely and useful to your new baby or child.

  Emerald City Astrology rates are suggested so please pay what is comfortable for you within the range.

1. A personalized infant or child chart requires 5-6 hours of study to write a 5-page interpretation. Suggested Rate: $250 (range $200 – $350+)

2. Add in an in-person, Skype, Zoom, or phone reading to explain and discuss the chart interpretation and 5-page interpretation. Suggested Rate: $350 (range $250 – $450+)

 Please send a message if you are interested!

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer
Healing to Achieve Your Soul Mission + Work