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The area where the wounds might be bubbling up and being healed is the where Aries is in your chart. It will be pushing on your evolutionary growth specifically in that house(s).

Chiron will be in Aries 2017 to September 2026.

At the start, there will be times when Chiron goes back into Pisces and, at the later portion of the transit, where it moves into Taurus, but retrogrades back into Aries, so if you were born from April 1968 until May 1976, you will be having your Chiron Return, but just watch that it wasn’t in Pisces or Taurus, if the degree of your natal Chiron is at the beginning or the end of the sign.

I’ve written two articles this month, the links are below, celebrating Chiron’s gifts if you want to read more about what this means. Including one WHERE YOU CAN LEAVE THE SIGN AND HOUSE WHERE YOUR NATAL CHIRON RESIDES AND I’LL INTERPRET IT FOR YOU.

 Emerald City Astrology’s post on the myth of Chiron and how it relates to the planet’s energy. Also, I’ll interpret your Chiron in this post.

  Emerald City Astrology’s post on the how Chiron is an evolutionary marker.

-Amy Domres
Evolutionary Astrologer
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