Image may contain: night, outdoor and waterThere is a new moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on Sunday, December 17, at 10:30 p.m. PST.

What INTESIFIES THE NEW MOON IS THE STELLIUM of 3 planets, the Galactic Center, the center of our Milky Way universe, and 2 luminaries conjunct each other in SAGITTARIUS! MERCURY in retrograde, VENUS, THE MOON, THE SUN, THE GALACITIC CENTER, AND SATURN will all be within 15-degrees tightly packed together. It’s not a super moon, IT’S A “SUPER NEW MOON” or maybe a “SUPER WOMOON.”

It’s important to remember how the new moon’s energy reaches us. Looking down on the solar system you would see sun, the moon, and the earth in one straight line with the sun and moon in the Sagittarius constellation. Saturn, Venus and Mercury in their respective orbits would be not too far away from that imaginary line. In fact, they are in a 15-degree spread from that line and THAT’S NOT VERY MUCH!

When planets are CONJUNCT their energy BLENDS and produces one of two outcomes. The first outcome is that the blended energies form a powerful new path, or the second outcome is that the blended energies overwhelm you and you cannot focus easily. THIS “SUPER WOMOON” will PACK A PUNCH which means you have an exciting opportunity to SET AN INTENTION OF A LIFETIME especially if that part of your chart has a planet in those degrees or makes positive aspects to the new moon.

A NEW MOON’S ENERGY IS MOST POTENT a week prior and a week after but is part of a monthly, 29.5-day cycle. Each calendar year there is a new moon then a full moon in each sign approximately 6 months apart and you have an opportunity to set in motion a theme or an intention that you want to explore over that timeframe. The SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON IN 2018 WILL BE ON MAY 29.

The most productive intentions will be ones that are fiery, idealistic, optimistic, and enthusiastic regarding FOREIGN TRAVEL, LEARNING PHILOSOPHY (philosophy is system of thought on how you want to govern our life), LEARNING KNOWLEDGE FROM OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF, TEACHING OTHERS, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, or SHARING STORIES. Let me remind you to GO BIG OR GO HOME on this “SUPER NEW MOON”!

Some examples of intentions for the next 6 months are below. Be encouraged to SUPERSIZE THESE because now is your chance.

“I’ve always wanted to take lessons about …
“I’ve always wanted to learn about …”
“I’m going to read 6 books from now until the end of May about…”
“I’m going to go to research different religions or spirituality to see if there is something that resonates with me. Maybe I’ll read the Tibetan Book of the Dead”
“I’ve always wanted to travel to Mexico City to visit their museums. In the next 6 months, I’m going to make that trip happen or maybe on the new moon in Sagittarius in 2018 is when I’ll go!”
“I’m going to share my spiritual or religious beliefs with my friends and family.”
“I’m going to start attending a meet-up group and share my knowledge on…”