What’s your new moon intention? There are some suggestions below. Put it in the comments so you have a better chance of it manifesting!

On Tuesday, May 15 at 4:47 am there will be a new moon at 24.36 degrees Taurus. Then at 9:16 am the moon will be at 27.18 degrees at the Uranus ingress.

It’s important to remember how the new moon’s energy reaches us. Looking down on the solar system you would see sun, the moon, and the earth in one straight line with the sun and moon in the Taurus constellation. The sun and moon are conjunct from our point of view.

When planets are CONJUNCT their energy BLENDS and produces one of two outcomes. The first outcome is that the blended energies form a powerful new path, or the second outcome is that the blended energies overwhelm you and you cannot focus easily.

A NEW MOON’S ENERGY IS MOST POTENT a week prior and a week after but is part of a monthly, 29.5-day, cycle. Each calendar year there is a new moon then a full moon in each sign approximately 6 months apart and you have an opportunity to set in motion a theme or an intention that you want to explore over that timeframe.

The most productive intentions for this new moon are the ones that are practical and down-to-earth regarding BUDGETING, thinking about how you SPEND YOUR MONEY and how you EARN YOUR MONEY. Maybe it’s something to do with the KIND OF FOOD YOU EAT, OR SOMETHING RELATED TO YOUR SENSES.

Some examples of intentions to focus on until the Taurus FULL MOON, OCTOBER 24, 2018 are:

* I’m going to track where my money goes each month.
* I’m going to put more in my savings account each month.
* … start looking at a retirement plan.
* … put more money towards my house and figure out when it will be paid off.
*… save for a vacation where I can feel the sun on my face, or the crisp air in the mountains and be in nature.
* … take more nature walks even in the bad weather.
* … plant a small garden! Flowers or veggies.
* … buy some essential oils.
* … take a nice hot bath.
* … exfoliate my skin.
* … get a massage.