Natal Astrology Chart
A Great Place To Begin (Part 1)

An astrology chart reading like no other…

Have you ever wondered why you were here, or what you came to do? Let me show you the possibilities of your soul’s missions and talents you brought into this incarnation!  The goal of this reading is to shift your consciousness to see how you can use your karmic gifts in service to your work.  Again, every single person came here for a purpose. A natal chart reading is a fantastic place to begin living out your own. Includes 2-3 hours of private chart study, a personalized written report, and a one-hour session.

Suggested Rate: $199

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Natal Astrology Chart Aspects (Part 2)

You can’t learn everything about your birth chart in one reading…

After we have completed an Astrology Natal Chart Reading then schedule a deep study of your natal energy signature to confirm more of what you have already know about yourself but have been unable to explain. There will be a quick review of the main points from our last session, an interpretation of any planets that weren’t touched upon, and a discussion about the planetary aspects. At least 3-6 of these readings are recommended so we can focus on each planet, its house, and the aspects they all make to each other. Each session, you will receive a written, personalized astrology report before our hour-long time together.  YOU MUST COMPLETE STEP ONE FIRST.

Suggested Rate:  $123

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Natal Astrology Chart Transits (Part 3)

Predicting how the heavens will affect you…

Where the planets are in relation to your natal chart is an important divination tool which can help you see trends and important times in your life. In our Natal Astrology Chart Transit reading I map out the major transits and discuss ways it might manifest for you. This reading can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Each session, you will receive a written, personalized astrology report which includes key dates for the selected time period before our hour-long time together.  YOU MUST COMPLETE STEP ONE FIRST.

Suggested Rate: $123

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Soul Therapy
(Part 4)

Divine healing mixed with astrology…

Continue your lifetime healing by working together on a soul level with astrology transits as your guide.   A Soul Therapy session could involve a soul retrieval where you go into a deep meditative state and I guide and assist you to retrieve parts of yourself that were scarified for your survival throughout your life.  Soul Therapy allows us to work more often together using different techniques to help you see and integrate your Shadow Self including a look at your Shadow Self in your natal chart.  Packages are available.  YOU MUST COMPLETE STEP ONE FIRST.

Suggested Rate $123

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How it Works

Here’s what to expect.


First, select and book your service by choosing from one of the service options. You will be redirected to my payment and scheduling page.  Our readings are priced on a sliding scale basis.

Birth Certificate

You will need a copy of your birth certificate, or you exact birth date, birth time, and birth place (USA: please include city and state). This information can greatly affect the results you receive in your chart. You will be prompted to enter your information during your booking.


You will receive an email copy of your natal chart to proof.


We will meet per your choice (in-person, over the phone, or Zoom/Skype), and I will provide you with a personalized written report of key components in your chart prior to your reading.

Let’s see what you’re here to do!

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